Powerful Prayer! How To Get It

Not only do Christians pray, but so do Hindu’s, Muslims, Buddists and many many other religious groups. So the statement prayer is powerless is true unless we can somehow say we’re different than all the rest, and that’s EXACTLY what we’re going to be doing in this article. Powerful prayer comes through practicing being in the presence of our loving Saviour.

It’s the presence of Christ that gives us powerful prayer for miracles. Our prayers are nothing but empty words without HIS presence. Here is a question for you. Do you feel like your prayers are powerless, or you dread prayer time because it feels like you’re going to God with a shopping list and you never see any results?

Lets change everything and stop calling it prayer, but rather “Practicing the Presence of the Lord” It’s when we’re in His presence that miracles happen. Is there a formula for being in his presence? You might be surprised that after years of prayer, the times that are the most powerful have always been achieved in the same manner.

Powerful Prayer, Cannot Happen Until Our Sins Are Confessed

After you have confessed your sins, asked for forgiveness and presented your requests to God, then it’s time to be quiet in His presence and meditate on His goodness.

You might sway or hum a hymn or song as your mind takes your spirit higher. As you get closer to God you’ll feel your emotions intensify and then as you listen and seek His presence quite often He’ll put a thought in your mind, it might be answer to a problem, someone you need to pray for or something else, as He begins to show you things press for more, ask for more, seek Him like buried treasure.

Do you know that when we’re in prayer we have an audience with the KING OF THE UNIVERSE?! How awesome is that. The almighty creator has time for us, anytime we want to pray, and he desires we spend more time with Him so He can instruct us, answer our prayers and be lifted into His presence.

Many have different ways of getting into the presence of God, but all that I know of are very similar to what’s written above. There is no need for vain repetitions, or lengthy hours of board-om. It is in this way you reach the spiritual realm and in the spiritual realm this is where EVERYTHING happens. Healing, financial release, conviction for our wrong doings, understanding God’s path for our lives, everything begins in the spiritual realm.

Do you need powerful prayer for miracles? Let us lift each other up in REAL prayer. Please put your prayer requests below, or put them on our prayer page.

Here’s a simple powerful prayer for you.

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