Worship Time

This is a Traditional Hymns playlist, use the arrows at the bottom of the video to skip to the next full video.

Permission to arrange some of these video’s was kindly granted by SE Samonte

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About Christian Worship

When the church meets, singing to worship God must be a corporate activity by the whole congregation and it must not be used either to showcase talents or to entertain and amuse a segment of the congregation.

Much of Christian worship today across all denominations is deliberately conforming to the worldly standards of entertainment, and there is little of true worship to God left in it.

We hope you’re refreshed, strengthened and encouraged by these hymns.
May the Lord richly bless you!

Worship has gone back as far as creation and worship isn’t just for us humans. Isaiah 55 speaks of the hills and fields bursting into song and the trees of the field clapping their hands. All creations sings praises to God their creator and it doesn’t stop there. We know from science each planet makes a certain sound, stars make sounds, and the sounds are really amazing to listen too.

But more important than anything is our hearts. Worship doesn’t have to be in song. Once we align our hearts and minds in praise to God this is worship. We can be in absolute silence in worship to God. What’s even more amazing is that we know ever single cell in our bodies are affected by our thoughts.

When we go into deep praise where our whole body is just filled with the joy and peace of the Lord our cells start reflecting that praise in an incredible expression of health and wellbeing. Science discovered when we are in this state of being that our body releases hormones and chemicals that heal and repair tissues, bones, blood, cells and EVERYTHING in our bodies. This goes to show you how important your thoughts are, they control your health!

Just 3 minutes of being in this state of deep worship and thankfulness allows our bodies to release for up to 6 hours, those healing, and repairing mechanisms.

So the next time you step into worship, whether it’s silences or song remember how amazing God created your body, soul and spirit. Our EVERYTING was meant to be in fellowship with God, when we are, our health is vibrant. When we have wrong thoughts that don’t align with how God created us to be it starts to deteriorate our health.

Be in worship and be in health! God Bless You today as your worship and praise.

We’ve gone out of our way to make sure there are no ads in these videos if you see any it’s to do with youtube putting them there, not us, since they’ve recently given themselves the right to monetize any unmonetized videos!

You’ll also noticed we’ve picked music that has no instruments, it is purely vocal. Although we love music, sometimes finding songs without music is absolutely painful so we’ve gone out of our way to find and compile the most beloved hymns of the time now and past centuries.

We hope they uplift you spiritually, change your focus to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ as you listen to them and make the atmosphere or your home, office or wherever you’re listening from and atmosphere of peace and praise.