When Faith Falters - Personal Story and Message
Many things that you cannot see are taken place, the news will never fully report on them. Stand fast in prayer. We're shaking the nations!
Globalist’s method of control on a country-Essence of Prophecy

A credible old book that reveals the reasons beyond a lot of troubles we face in today's world including worldwide terrorism, regional wars, instability, and chaos and many more predicted over 4 decades ago by the Shah of Persia (Iran)

Written by Mohammad Reza Pahlavi – Shah of Iran

Published in 1980 this incredibly insightful book predicted the barrage of global events we face now, and some we are about to face.

The words on these pages peer into our future still, and it’s up to us what actions we take to preserve our future or destroy it.

Jumping off a Cliff - Our Personal Story of Walking by Faith
It's Coming, a Major Shift of Global Powers.
Iran - How it affects the World and What You Don't Know.
8 Months Before This Happened I Spoke It
I'm Being Censored!
Prophetic Dream of What's Coming in the Future
When Death Looks Like It's Trying To Overtake You, Remember This
Satan's Mysterious Devices, Don't Be Deceived
Prophetic Dream - Stark Warning, Prepare NOW!
End Time Prophecy - Do This For Inner Peace
Prophetic Dream - Watch Out As THEY have been Working On This
Not for everyone’s spiritual digestion
Was Jesus Jewish or Not?
Differenct between Real and False, how do you know?
is the god of christians the god of muslims
Acid Test for the Genuiness of your Love.

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