Ukraine Crisis – Prophetic Word

There’s a wave of Anti-Putin and sadly lots of Christians buy into what the media is selling them.

There’s a lot more involved in the Ukraine war, which takes a deeper look into to realise what’s truly happening.

The world evil rulers however are looking for a world war as they haven’t killed enough of the Earth’s population, and also under the veil of WW3 they can hide a lot more of their evil doings, and evil plans and agendas.

Do not be deceived by any mass media, Listen to the Holy Spirit, and pray. Pray continuously in and out of season.

We’re going through what will be the most important chapters of human history, that’s if there are still life on Earth as we know it for that long that the history can be taught to the next generation!

But I believe the end of days is coming, and we don’t have that many years to see on this Earth. The Lord will soon come with an iron sceptre, and along with His bride, He will rule over the Earth soon. Pray that your flight will not take place on a Sabbath.

Be prepared for this spiritual battle, and fight a good battle until Jesus Himself come back on the clouds.

God Bless You!

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2 thoughts on “Ukraine Crisis – Prophetic Word”

  1. Shiloah Rey

    God bless you brother, and your family, and ministry! ✝️🙏💙

    1. Thank you Dear Shiloah Rey for praying for us, and thank you for watching. Stay tuned and spread the word. We’re the majority, but the powers are trying to show us as the minority cooks! So keep praying, keep sharing and keep boycotting the devil’s media! God bless you and yours in Jesus’ precious name. Amen!

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