Prophetic Word-Prophecy Update-Queen’s Death-Evil Exposure

My videos are targeted by the demon possessed bullies of YouTube and other slaves to Satan, who have sold their souls to Satan for a few days of luxury life on Earth! I will NOT stop, I will continue my ministry even if that means I have to keep creating new accounts, and find new platforms! YouTube slaves, I know you’re watching my videos.

I cannot care less about you and your masters! You have no hold on me and CANNOT touch me! I’m washed by the blood of Jesus Christ who has already condemned you and crushed your master’s head over 2000 years ago! You and all whom you serve will burn in the lake of sulphur soon. There’s no escape for you Satan worshippers!

YouTube does not want us to make money from YouTube to support our ministry or our channels, so please support us directly by the following methods:

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