The Prophecies are Unfolding- Centre of the Battleground with the PTB! What to Expect Next!

I’m going to share with you something you have not seen or heard on any news yet, and I’ll explain why. Do you know that in the country of Iran, as we speak, there are huge widespread protests across the country in more than 150 cities and towns and villages against their terrorist regime, and there’s no mention of it on any News channel! 

A couple of years ago also there were millions of people taken to the streets to protest against the rulings of the Mullahs, and according to their own figures about 5000 people were killed in cold blood in the streets or after torturing and raping them in their jails, but the MSM turned a deaf ears to their voices, and when they said something about it they claimed it was all about economic downturn while people were clearly shouting “We don’t want Islamic Republic”, and also shouted what they wanted, which is their crowned prince who has been in exile for the past 43 years since the installation of extremist Mullahs in power by the Western powers with Jimmy Carter, the democrat president of America at the time who betrayed Shah by giving millions of dollars to Khomeini and supporting him while turning his back to Shah a man who considered him as his own friend, and did nothing but bringing security and peace to the region and the world, developing his country to be one of the top countries of the world in every area including economy, culture, technology, and military.

He was a key role player to bring peace between Arab countries and Israel, had great ties with all the world, his people loved him and the world leaders respected him, and they were even going to him for help and advice including American presidents.

He bailed out the British government when Britain was in a huge economic crisis.

In spite of all his good services to the world peace and economy, which I cannot list here, the world leaders conspired against him, and after years of infiltration inside the country with the help of their media they managed to make him out to be a brutal dictator; A king who did a lot of service to those very powers, and was very much loved by his own people and other nations for his and his father’s services to the world and humanity. They portrayed him as a blood thirsty dictator who wants everything for himself, something that couldn’t be any further than the truth. They managed to cause massive riots and destructions killing many, and blaming Shah for all that, and finally managed to cause him to leave the country as he felt he didn’t want to impose himself on people if they didn’t want him

People of Iran have opposed this terrorist brutal Islamic regime since its conception, but each time the regime with the help of its fake opposition planted in the West as well as the help of the Western powers and their media have always managed to supress them.

For example in November 2020 when there was widespread civil uprising in Iran, the MSM didn’t see the news of more than 5000 Iranians, being shot in their heads and chests worthy of mentioning, but around the same time, the News frenzy didn’t stop talking about how horrible a male porn star was killed under the hands of an American police, because he was black and BLM agenda was more important to them at least at the time.

Today, Iranians have been out again for well over a week now, and they’re stronger, bolder and more determined than ever before to topple the brutal regime of Mullahs, and this time they have stopped hoping to get any help from outside as they have realised the powers who viciously and spitefully conspired against the Shah and caused him to leave his country won’t help people bring back his son into power, so they’re now relying on their own fists to fight against the armed forces of the regime. 

There are pictures and videos of people in the streets showing tazor guns used by the armed forces against people, which have the American flag printed on them and teargas shells written on them “Made in England”, so now even the most conservative person in Iran knows that the words “Human Rights” are just that, words, and they’re now certain there was a conspiracy then in 1979 when they removed Shah and his secular government and replaced him with a fanatic uneducated murderer with the mission to destroy Iran and Iranians, and that there’s still a conspiracy going on now as the giant MSM have kept totally silent on the issue and at best the coverage of the news would be in passing in the middle of night for two seconds and that would be in lines of  oh by the way, there were some protests in Iran, we’re not sure what it really is about, but it appears to be against women’s hijab! Something totally irrelevant, which is far from the truth.

Now, my brothers and sisters, do you still think the governments are out there for the interests of their own people and the good of the world? For human rights and animal rights and next probably robot or humanoid rights!

If so, tell me why no major media is talking about what’s really happening in Iran.

Alright, now the question is; OK, how does this relate to me in America or in Europe or anywhere else in the world? And what can we do about it?

Well, first of all, it directly relates to you, because as I’ve considered the events around the world, I’ve come to one conclusion that the battle ground for the powers is actually Iran. Why! Because whatever you see happening to the world today happened first to Iran.

Shah had predicted this would happen and said in his book titled “Answer to the History”, and I put a link in the description of this video once the streaming is finished and is published for you to read that the world will have to face what he called “Great Horror”, after him and with the Mullahs in power in Iran, and that’s happened.

World terrorism, instability in the Middle East, particularly Israel, economic crisis, immigration, Covid 19 attack, Russian-Ukraine crisis, Europe’s dire need for energy supply, and many more would have not happened had Shah stayed in power.

The stability and peace of the world depends on the peace and stability of Iran with a secular government there as they had before under the Shah’s rein, but the globalists don’t want that, which is why they’re keeping quiet, because Iranian people have confused them. How did they confuse them; this is how, they want their crowned prince back who is the only viable alternative for the Iranians, but of course the powers removed his father, so they wouldn’t like to allow his son back in power, and they have their own people ready to take power, but they have a problem as people know them and don’t want them!

So, now if you want to know what will happen to you in your country, just keep a close watch on what’s unfolding in Iran.

Rigging the votes in elections started from there,

Rise in cost of living that has only been the talk of the News and people in your country over the past few months, happened in Iran 3 years ago.

The same with the cost of fuel, though they are the second major oil producers in the world.

Protests against the mismanagement of the governments in the world have only been happening in the past year or so, but it’s been going on for years in Iran.

Economic depression, and the sharp decline of the currency, sharp rise in theft, suicide, divorce, fake man-made earthquakes, flooding, man-made extreme whether, drought in various places, fake food,  and many other major issues are all the things that first happened in Iran.

Insecurity of people in their own homes and businesses are also other issues that will be next if the power greedy monsters win the battle in Tehran.

So what can we do to stop more of the evil that’s already happened in the battleground of Iran coming to us?

Well, First of all you have to pray that the Islamic regime will be toppled and replaced by what the people of Iran want for real, not some outside government installing their own puppets there by some fake election or infiltration of their system, cause that would just reset the whole scenario.  

The second thing you can do is to write to your local MP or Member of Congress or your Senate and ask them to be the voice of Iranians in the government, listen to their outcry, and stop making love with the Mullahs in Iran by making sneaky deals with them, supporting them, funding them while pretending they’re sanctioning them.

Not that they don’t already know these things, and that they don’t already know what’s happening in Iran and what the people in the streets want, but it just shows to them that we are also aware as to what’s happening and that they cannot continue pulling wool over our eyes any more.

This way, they will be forced to make changes to their policies.

I hope you’re more enlightened than you were before watching this video. There’s a lot to say in this regard, and I might make the video I was planning to make to shed even more light on this matter.

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