Prophetic Word / Dream – Aliens, World Leaders, Disappearing Constellation

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Demons also take forms of people we might know, so they can deceive people and get their permission into their lives.

There are no evidence of any sorts or any warnings of any kind for us Christians to believe there are some beings from other planets as far as the Holy Bible teaches us, but on the contrary, all creation is for the purpose of mankind as we understand from the scriptures. God first created all the creation including heavens and Earth, and all the beings on Earth, then He created the man in His own image.

Also we read in John 3:16 “God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever would believe in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”

Pray for yourselves, pray for others, and don’t be deceived by strange things you might see this year. GOD BLESS YOU

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8 thoughts on “Prophetic Word / Dream – Aliens, World Leaders, Disappearing Constellation”

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  2. I have been having recurring dreams on this very topic since I was a kid in the early 1970s, but I can see them in my mind today as clearly as when I first started having them. In the earliest version, I noticed people on the street looking to the sky and I looked up too, and saw what looked like an old-time sailing ship in the sky. It changed form, becoming a balloon, then a zeppelin, then a plane, and then some kind of spaceship. At that moment, “aliens” began literally falling from the sky dressed in skintight uniforms, wearing helmets with visors hiding their faces, and holding futuristic-looking weapons. However, in the dream, I felt a deep sense of dread and realized these were not really aliens but “from the Devil”, and realized that they did not need weapons, and the weapons were just to make us think they were aliens. I think this is strangely profound for a child to have such a realization, but I still remember it as clearly as when I first had it. At that point I somehow knew that if I could get into my house or barn I would be safe. I ran into the barn in fear, and remember peering out the corner of a window and seeing them continue to fall to earth, and at that point woke up. This dream repeated itself many times during my childhood and teen years, with little change.
    A bit later in life, after going into the military, the dream began to change. During my military years the dream usually took the form that I was in a vehicle like a jeep or Humvee, and saw what I at first thought was a large military plane crashing. However, I soon realized it was not really a plane but rather a large spacecraft resembling a gigantic plane (it was green and had wings like a plane would have but was far too large). It was bristling with weapons like missiles and guns. At that point in the dream, I always realize that it is really the same dream I used to have as a child and I literally think, “Oh no, it’s that dream again but this time it is real”. In the dream I would always have a profound sense of dread at that point and realize that this was something demonic and deceptive, meant to appeal to our sense of the rational and the technological. Just as in the version I had as a child, I realized immediately that the weapons I saw were not the real threat, but part of their deception. This version of the dream would most often end with my witnessing it setting down in a residential area and crushing houses in the process. In at least one ending of this version of the dream, I again found myself wanting to get into my childhood home thinking it offered some kind of special protection. I do not know how many times I have had this version of the dream, but it has been a lot. In a more recent version, I witnessed a large metallic saucer shape descending from the sky, with a large dark robot at each corner, as though it rested on their shoulders. I immediately knew they were not really robots, but demons masquerading as robots. Atop the saucer was a throne and on it sat a golden figure I believe to be the Canaanite god Baal. He wore a tall conical crown and had a beard. I dared not look at its face directly. It set down in a residential neighborhood (as usual) crushing homes indiscriminately. I believe that these dreams are highly symbolic but send a consistent message of a coming deception.

  3. Be forewarned my dear ones in Christ:
    satanic globalist regime is aimed at killing off as many as possible now…so, what they are doing is telling people to go back to work and back into the public after 5 days lof severe infection… I’m speaking personally now….. I’m trying to get over being very sick for 3 weeks thankfully my job is not working alongside anyone else however I work before and after another guard… One of my coworkers came down with the virus very quickly, he being juiced up, had a very quick onset and seemed to get better very quickly within 4 days he felt fine…evil globalists say he can come back to work in 5 days..he is still coughing..but’ “technically cleared’ …I do NOT believe the evil cdc , fauxchi, gates..etc… do NOT believe the “I feel fine” spreaders…anyhow… I’ve got ANOTHER sore throat this morning 😡… I am personally wearing something (sprayed with alcohol)👍:-), to cover my nose and mouth for at least an hour or two upon ‘changing of the guards”… BECAUSE I KNOW how they are trying to keep continuous spike proteins going to take out pure bloods….

    1. Dear Barbara,
      Thank you for your words. We pray that your completely healed in Jesus Mighty Name and that your whole body would function as God has intended it to function in perfect health, may you be filled with health and abundance as you follow Jesus. In Jesus Name, AMEN.

      As for the globalist. We believe their plans are crumbling around them, this can be seen already, but we’re praying that in the next few months it will become apparent to everyone that God is taking them out and many of them are being dealt God’s justice. Please continue to pray, our prayers are shaking the heavens and earth and we each have a part to play. God Bless You!

  4. Robert Slayton

    So few people are ready for this,,,many won’t believe,,,,
    God will make it work,,,,maybe we can encourage,,,the greatest power in the world will prevail

    1. Amen to that Robert! Our hope is in the Lord and we know our prayers are more powerful than anything tricks or plans up the enemies sleeves. May the Lord bless you with power, wisdom and strength as you intercede for our nation before the throne of God and fill your life with His abundance and peace. God Bless You!

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