God’s Message Today – When Would You Disobey the Authorities, Or Should We?

God is a God of Order, the Bible is a book of God’s laws and it’s full of political issues where God’s prophets have been heavily involved in the centre of each event.

Separating State from the Church might sound good, but it seems like it only works one way as in the Church cannot interfere in the State’s affairs, but the State can at any time interfere in the matters relating to Church or her people.

Our Freedoms are slowly, but surely are being taken away, and if Christians keep their silence, there will be no freedom for us to even worship freely as in many countries that have been suppressing their Christians for centuries.

The West is no exception, make no mistake about it as it all stems from the sneaky acts of the West that we see the suppression of the Christians in the East or the Middle East so openly, and now for the past decade or so, we’ve been seeing a systematic attack on Christians and Christianity in the U.S and the West in general.

Not allowing prayers in schools, taking the ten commandments down, opening up mixed gender toilets and so on are only a handful of their evil rulings to achieve their ultimate evil goal.

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