Prophetic Dream / Word: While in the SUN Jesus Said This To Me

Prophetic dream where I flew into the sun and met Jesus. He said words that I will never forget.

They’ve helped me in difficult times and I’ve never forgotten this dream. It came at a time when there was a lot of uncertainty in my life.

Although for years I thought that this dream was very personal, but recent events in the world has made me think that the dream was a message to all Born Again Christians around the world, and so I felt very much obliged to share it with all.

I believe every Christian must hear this, which will give them a sense of assurance, but more than that a lot of food to digest, which I believe is very hard to hear in parts at least.

This has been a prophetic dream throughout these last 20 years, and has always been relevant and I’m sure is relevant to all who have ears to hear what the Lord had to say to me and now to them all.

This is a prophetic message to YOU, please take it serious, and treasure it as I have done for years, but don’t just keep it to yourself as you are now under the obligation to pass it on to all whom you know and think should hear this message from the Lord.

These prophetic words are very important for Christians around the globe to hear particularly at these uncertain times. I hope this prophetic dream is powerful for you, encourages you and blesses you abundantly today!

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