Prophetic Dream / Word: URGENT Warning

Please put your prayers, or prophetic interpretations in the comments, and pray for the person above you in the comments so we can all pray for each other.

I had this prophetic dream in 2018. I was standing somewhat near an a short wall (something like the stone walls that edge gardens here in the UK), I had a baby in my arms and suddenly I saw very old WWII fighter jets with Chinese looking men in them.

They were looking at me, they could see me, and I could see them, but they couldn’t shoot me, and I knew I needed to get to the other side of this wall to get to safety but I didn’t know how because I knew if I did, I would be in their firing range.

I believe this prophetic dream is telling of a time when the UK or even other parts of the world are under attack and that we as Christians need to pray for the safety of our families and loved ones, and also prepare however the LORD puts on your heart to prepare for you families situation.

Many prophetic dreams are warnings of things to prepare you for, or to pray against. We as a globe need to humble ourselves and pray, seek God’s face, repent for the amount of evil we’ve allowed to infiltrate the Church and get our act cleaned up, so God’s judgement will be softened or delayed.

If you’ve had a prophetic dream, or have a prophetic warning please do put them in the comments so we can encourage and pray for each other. God Bless You!

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  1. Several years ago, a man named Dimitri Dudeman, a Romanian pastor, also had a dream about airplanes and the attack on America. He spoke of EMP warfare. Many of us knew nothing about or had heard about EMP. This brings that memory of his dream to my memory.

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