Natural Healing; Gods Provision For Our Health And Curing Every Disease/Sickness

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Not only the Bible is full of good advice on how to stay young and health, but also ancient philosophers have tried in many ways to impart knowledge to the future generations, but unfortunately our world has become corrupt so much that there are not many hearing ears.

Here are some famous quotes from Avicenna who was a famous Persian polymath considered to be one of the most consequential thinkers, physicians, writers, and astronomers of the ‘“Islamic Golden Age”, (I took the initiative to cross the word “Islamic” from the quotations as you will clearly see in his religious quotes that he was not a Muslim by any means or standards, he was in fact a zoroastrian as it was clearly apparent from his own words and also considering the the main religion of Persia at the time).

Avicenna was considered to be the father of early modern medicine, Avicenna wrote around 450 works out of which approximately 240 have survived that include 40 on medicine and 150 on philosophy. Some of his most important works include ‘The Canon of Medicine,’ a medical encyclopaedia, which is which is used as a standard medical text at a number of universities; and ‘The Book of Healing,’ a scientific and philosophical encyclopaedia. We have rounded some popular and interesting quotes and sayings by Avicenna which include his thoughts, viewpoint and opinions on subjects close to his heart including geography, astronomy, poetry, physics, Islamic theology, alchemy, geology, mathematics and logic. More quotes here.

“Medicine considers the human body as to the means by which it is cured and by which it is driven away from health.”

“Medicine is the science by which we learn the various states of the human body in health and when not in health, and the means by which health is likely to be lost and, when lost, is likely to be restored back to health. In other words, it is the art whereby health is conserved and the art whereby it is restored after being lost. While some divide medicine into a theoretical and a practical [applied] science, others may assume that it is only theoretical because they see it as a pure science. But, in truth, every science has both a theoretical and a practical side.”

“An ignorant doctor is the aide-de-camp of death.”

 “The different sorts of madness are innumerable.”

“When you do not know the nature of the malady, leave it to nature; do not strive to hasten matters. For either nature will bring about the cure or it will itself reveal clearly what the malady really is.”

“The knowledge of anything, since all things have causes, is not acquired or complete unless it is known by its causes.”

And also some of Avicenna’s quotes on God and religion;

“God, the supreme being, is neither circumscribed by space, nor touched by time; he cannot be found in a particular direction, and his essence cannot change. The secret conversation is thus entirely spiritual; it is a direct encounter between God and the soul, abstracted from all material constraints.”

“Prayer is that which enables the soul to realize its divinity. Through prayer human beings worship absolute truth, and seek an eternal reward. Prayer is the foundation-stone of religion; and religion is the means by which the soul is purified of all that pollutes it. Prayer is the worship of the first cause of all things, the supreme ruler of all the world, the source of all strength. Prayer is the adoration of the one whose being is necessary.”

“I [prefer] a short life with width to a narrow one with length.”

All quotes are from Avicenna.

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  1. “An ignorant doctor is the aide-de-camp of death.” -Avicenna
    “Only one in ten doctors graduated in the top ten percent of his class.” -W.G. Gilchrist
    “Whenever Medicine cannot discern the cause of a malady, the cause is attributed to heredity.”
    -J.T. Goodin

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