Is the God of Muslims the same as the God of Christians?

So many argue over this simple question, because they either don’t understand the question or react in haste on the basis of their preconceived ideas, which most likely come from their lack of education and their politically biased views due to the teachings coming from many Zionists who have infiltrated the Church to cause division, and destroy Christianity ultimately, which they have achieved so far.

The point here is not to cause more arguments, but to open the eye’s of those who can’t see the problem with the foundations of this argument. For years the church and it’s people have divided themselves over petty arguments. This isn’t new. Even Paul was encouraging his audience not to get caught up in disputable matters.

Instead of arguing whether or not “This should be called this, or that should be called that, or should we celebrate Christmas or Easter because some of the traditions are based on pagan holidays,” Instead of ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL of that you should be asking the more urgent question. “Are your family all saved?” If they aren’t your extra time should be spent crying out to God for their eye’s to be opened that they’ll receive salvation. If all your family is saved, what about your cousins, uncles and aunties, what about your friends.

Our extra time as Christians should never be spent arguing over these things when people all around us are perishing. Satan LOVES it when churches go around in circles arguing, it takes their eye’s off the goal.

God Bless You! And please whenever you hear something you’re just dying to join the argument for or against, step back and ask if it’s really a profitable use of your time.

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