Acid Test For The Genuineness Of Your Love

The test for true love…

Today, we are living in a world that is corrupted so much in so many different ways, but amongst all that’s gone haywire is what should be the most sacred and holy thing in everyone’s life, and that is true love; Most people cannot even explain the meaning of true love, somehow people have lost the ability to distinguish any difference between love and lust.

If you were to take a survey on what people think of love,you would soon find that the majority of people’s perception of love is anything but what the Bible teaches us.

There are of course a few different types of love according to the Bible, but talking about the love between a man and a woman in the context of marriage, the type of love that God wants us to have is “Agapa” kind of love, an unconditional kind of love, the same type we have for our children,or perhaps the type that our father or our mother has for us.

We are talking about pure and holy love, love that is not tarnished by any trace of selfishness or even worse with lust, but unfortunately true love means nothing to most people today, and when you talk about it, their first conception would be “Hollywood type of love”, love that happens at first sight, love that you can fall in!

But love as I said in my “Marriage” series, is not a hole you can fall in, love is not an accident that just happens either, love is an act of will, particularly this type of love that is between only and only a man and a woman in the context of marriage, not outside of it.

Love, this sacred phenomenon has become so cheap in our culture today that we even throw it randomly at our local shopkeeper, butcher,taxi driver, school teacher, and so on without even thinking about it for a second, simply because it doesn’t even mean anything anymore, it’s become a phrase just the same as saying “How are you”, when we don’t really care about how the other person feels, but we just ask to be nice!

We tell the first girl in our life or the first boy in our life that we love them, without even considering the consequences, without having any regards for the other person’s life, but just out of pure selfish ambitions.

But true love that needs to be between any married couple or between a man and a woman in the process of marriage should be completely sacrificial, without any blemish, without any selfishness.

Bible identifies the characteristics of this type of love as below:  

1 Corinthians 13:4-7 World English Bible (WEB)

”Love is patient and is kind; love doesn’t envy. Love doesn’t brag, is not proud, doesn’t behave itself inappropriately, doesn’t seek its own way, is not provoked, takes no account of evil; doesn’t rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth; bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

Do you have this kind of love towards your spouse or your spouse to be!

Let me leave you with one question to think about and if you’d like, then write it down under comments;

Would you share all your possessions with your spouse!? Not hypothetically, but literally! Would you go and join your bank accounts, put your spouse’s name on your property’s deed, or your car etc.? This is the acid test for true love. Do you have it?

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  1. This is a repeat message with a different email address (both email are good).
    I am committing to pray at 5:00 AM London Time, which is 11:00 PM Central Standard Time ( Houston, Texas area).
    Thank you for your obedience and for the 24 hour prayer method.

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